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Dovell Systems sources any requested product or service that utilizes Bently Nevada and Siemens automation and vibration products, while also offering equipment monitoring and repair.

We also buy industrial controls, PLCs, drives, motors, electronic parts, circuit boards, meters, sensors, all types of industrial controls or any other surplus inventory.

Dovell Systems addresses asset management, start-ups, equipment installations, retrofit projects, power generation, additions and modifications.

While many components have been discontinued by the manufacturer, we provide continual technical support, installations, and repair services. We supply everything from test and measurement to high integrity protection equipment. Our service is first class, offering new and obsolete inventory with the best guarantees in the \business. Our products are high quality, low maintenance, and competitively priced. We will even build non-OEM replacement parts!

Our clients are multinational corporations spanning Mining, Manufacturing & Production, Gas & Oil, Tankers, Power plants and Hydro dams sectors.

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Dovell Systems gives you up to 3 years warranty on every item we sell and on every repair we do. Our warranty policy makes every Dovell Systems purchase a dependable, reliable investment in your company's future.

Sell your new or Surplus Us

Dovell Systems is your go to source to liquidate your unwanted surplus merchandise, allowing you to free up warehouse space, eliminate obsolete inventory, and reduce your warehouse costs.

We will buy your used, old or current equipment, making you money in the process. Most of the things we buy go back into the circulation allowing other businesses to keep their processes running.

Email us at with a list of your equipment now!

Repair your Equipment

Dovell systems supports your daily operations by providing an extensive range of repair services for the automation industry. We provide validation, calibration, preventive maintenance and spare parts for your equipment and instruments as well as installation, repairs and relocation.


Dovell Systems offers installation and service support for Bently Nevada and various other vibration hardware.

Our service technicians and help center can provide full test/examination check and installation on the racks, transducers, speed transducers, and temperature transducers. We service cooling towers, fin fans, industrial combustion gas engines, rotary screw compressors, reciprocating machine pumps, pump antifriction ball or roller bearing, motors, and waste water treatment plants. We install monitors, probes, sensors and many other vibration monitoring equipment.

Our team will work with your organization needs and conduct the services on your schedule.